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After years of doing what I could to make my home a cleaner, more functional place, I realized that there might be an issue that I was causing unintentionally. I realized that there were some serious issues with my plumbing products, largely because I wasn't focusing so much on using the proper varieties of plumbing cleaners. I began working harder to do what I could to identify the right types of products, and I found some organic varieties that worked better with my septic system and drain network. Find out how different plumbing issues could be resolved by identifying common problems with your cleaning products.



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Pros and Cons of Portable Toilet Rentals

Portable toilet rentals have become a demand for almost every construction site as well as any public outdoor event. The best way to keep workers or public crowds well taken care of is to have a restroom facility available at all times. When the demand for going to the bathroom hits, you want to make sure you have a great place for people to handle their business. While rental services are great in a lot of ways, there are a few negative sides to using them as well. Explore a few pros and cons of portable toilet rentals.

Pro - Able to Set Up Anywhere

If you are working on a construction project or hosting a concert in the park, your portable toilet rental services are able to set up a portable toilet in any location. The only thing that is required is a solid, sturdy foundation for them to place the rental. If the ground is not flat, the likelihood of the toilet falling over is increased, making it not as safe for whoever is inside using it. The versatility of where a portable toilet rental can be used is one of the key reasons why people choose to rent them for their various events.

Con - They Might Smell Foul

Think about it: what goes inside a portable toilet rental? Human waste! When you combine human waste from different people, chances are it is not going to smell very pleasant. Once you are able to get past the smell associated with these toilets, you will be able to appreciate the convenience and availability for them, especially in the event of an emergency. The only way to get the smell to go away is to clean out the toilet, but chances are you are not going to want to do this every single time someone uses it. The bottom line is to just be prepared for a little bit of a foul odor when using portable toilet rental services.

Pro - Delivered to You

A great thing about using portable toilet rental services is that the toilets are brought directly to your construction or event site. The hassle of transporting these large restroom facilities is completely out of your hands and in the handled in your fee for using the rental. 

Con - Not Handicap Accessible

There is one glaring downside of using these services, and that is that they cannot accommodate everyone. If you are in a wheelchair or require special handicapped services, these portable toilet rentals may not get the job done for you as many are too small for wheelchairs to fit. You may need to find another solution to make your event more inclusive and accessible. 

Learn more about your options by contacting portable toilet rental services.