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After years of doing what I could to make my home a cleaner, more functional place, I realized that there might be an issue that I was causing unintentionally. I realized that there were some serious issues with my plumbing products, largely because I wasn't focusing so much on using the proper varieties of plumbing cleaners. I began working harder to do what I could to identify the right types of products, and I found some organic varieties that worked better with my septic system and drain network. Find out how different plumbing issues could be resolved by identifying common problems with your cleaning products.



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Three Reasons To Clean Your Drains This Summer

The last thing you want to deal with is a clogged main drain, especially in summer when you just want to relax and have fun. Having your main drain cleaned can help you avoid problems.

1. Root Management

Spring to early summer is the time when tree roots put on the most growth. If you have trees and shrubs on your property or near the property line, then these roots are very likely to invade your main drain line through the small seams in the pipes. Once the roots find their way in, they tend to grow even quicker due to the availability of water and nutrients in the drain line.

Fortunately, your plumber can use a powerful auger to clear out the roots. They may also recommend regular treatment with a root inhibitor, which is a chemical root stunting agent that is poured down the line. They may also recommend a line inspection to make sure the roots haven't caused more severe damages to your main drain.

2. Food Disposal Woes

For many households, summer time often means gardening and summer entertainment. Both of these activities can put more stress on your drains. If you garden, then you are likely rinsing vegetables in your sink, as well as peeling and prepping large amounts of produce. Entertaining can also lead to more use of the kitchen sink for meal preparation purposes. If a lot of food trimmings (and soil from the garden) are going down the kitchen sink, then you are more likely to have drain issues.

Don't depend on your garbage disposal to save your main drain. It's much better to toss or compost peelings and trimmings then toss them into the disposal. If your drain does become clogged, you need to have a plumber out to clear the line promptly. Don't attempt a liquid drain cleaner, as these rarely can eat through the food trimmings sitting in the drain line.

3. Winter Preparation

Not many people think of winter during the height of summer, but this is the ideal time to address any main drain issues. Small leaks in the main drain line that develop in summer will only become worse in winter when the freeze and thaw cycles shift the soil around the drain line. It's also more difficult to fix some drain issues when the ground is frozen.

If you have been suspecting a problem, schedule a line inspection during the summer months. Your plumber will put a camera down the drain line so they can find any damages. Sometimes you may simply need the drains cleaned, but you may need to consider drain relining if there is damage present.

Contact a drain cleaning service for more assistance.