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After years of doing what I could to make my home a cleaner, more functional place, I realized that there might be an issue that I was causing unintentionally. I realized that there were some serious issues with my plumbing products, largely because I wasn't focusing so much on using the proper varieties of plumbing cleaners. I began working harder to do what I could to identify the right types of products, and I found some organic varieties that worked better with my septic system and drain network. Find out how different plumbing issues could be resolved by identifying common problems with your cleaning products.



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Getting To Know The Heat Pump Water Heater: Common Faqs

For many years, heating water has been one of the most expensive modern-day commodities at home. However, even though a lot of homes still rely on a standard water heater with a tank, there are other options that are far more efficient. A heat pump water heater is the perfect example. If you are facing the replacement of a current water heater, it is a good idea to get familiar with the heat pump water heater. Here are a few of the most common questions. 

Are heat pump water heaters expensive?

Heat pump water heaters are more expensive than the basic tank water heater, but they make up for the extra cost by saving you money on electricity or gas used to heat the water. The typical cost for a basic unit will be around $2,695 to $2,830, including materials and installation. While more expensive, these units also have a good reputation for lasting a while longer than a standard unit. 

Do heat pump water heaters work well in colder climates?

The majority of the heat pump water heaters out there are actually hybrids; they utilize the heat pump when possible but have a backup electrical system when there is not enough geothermal energy available. This means the units can technically serve homeowners in cold weather climates just the same as other climates. However, if you live in a far-northern place where you experience long winter seasons and a lot of temperatures below freezing, you may be relying on electrical power to heat water for half of the year. Therefore, you have to consider whether the savings for the rest of the year will be worth the extra investment. 

Can you use an existing heat pump to heat water?

It will depend on how your heat pump system is made, but there are add-on water heating units that can be used in combination with an existing heat pump. These units make use of the existing geothermal loop or device to heat the water in the tank, so you get a two-for-one functionality. 

Are heat pump water heaters difficult to install?

It is always best to entrust the installation of a heat pump water heater to a professional. The system is a bit more complex than a basic water heater that relies on electricity because they have implements that are used to collect warm energy from the ground or the air.