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What Is Done During A Plumbing Inspection?

One of the most crucial inspections a homeowner should carry out is a plumbing inspection. It becomes extremely indispensable when you are remodeling your home. Each time there is a planned renovation project going on, a homeowner should take the chance to inspect their underground pipes.  By doing so, they can ensure that nothing will interrupt the work they intend to finish. If something is wrong with the pipes, the plumber will carry out their repair prior to the start of the anticipated home renovation project. On the other hand, if no error is found, the plumber will reveal if the intended project might affect the pipes in any given way.

Other times when a plumbing inspection is necessary

  • Building a new structure

In addition to when one is renovating their house, a plumber's work can be necessary when building a new residential or commercial building. Although a new building will require installation of brand-new pipes, the area where these should be laid has to be thoroughly inspected. This way the trained plumber will recommend the exact position where the pipes will go, how they will run all over the new structure before the walls are built, and what kinds of pipes make the best pick.

  • Purchasing a home

The cost of removing bad pipes after you have bought a home can be hefty and discouraging. Thus, it is advisable and smart to have the pipes of the house one wishes to buy inspected before they could go ahead with their plan. Although a meticulous home inspection is done during the purchase process, it doesn't include a detailed report about plumbing, so it makes sense to carry out a separate process that will only entail this important inspection exercise.

  • A given home appliance or fixture is failing

If one finds out that a certain fixture or appliance is developing problems or has failed altogether, they should have their pipe work inspected. For instance, a blocked sink or toilet bowl could indicate a problem with the pipes beneath. If these are inspected fully, one could feel peaceful and spend less money doing fixture repairs or replacements in the future.

  • A bigger water bill

If one notices an abrupt and substantial increase in their water bill, and it goes on for weeks, chances are that there is a leaking pipe.  This can only be discovered by a good plumber, and there is a lot more useful work they can be asked to do. Plumbers can save a homeowner a lot of money, effort, and time if they are involved in the inspection work.

How do plumbers do their inspections these days?

They make use of digital inspection cameras that are attached to a push snake rod. With a camera inserted down the pipes, a plumber can examine their current state without having to do much. These cameras are usually attached to a computer screen that relays real time reports on the state of the pipes. With these cameras, the professional can see the blockage in pipes or any cracks they have sustained and figure out what to do next.

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