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After years of doing what I could to make my home a cleaner, more functional place, I realized that there might be an issue that I was causing unintentionally. I realized that there were some serious issues with my plumbing products, largely because I wasn't focusing so much on using the proper varieties of plumbing cleaners. I began working harder to do what I could to identify the right types of products, and I found some organic varieties that worked better with my septic system and drain network. Find out how different plumbing issues could be resolved by identifying common problems with your cleaning products.



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Spring Cleaning? Don't Forget About Cleaning Your Drains

Many people are spring cleaning now or planning to soon. If this is you, one thing that should be on your spring cleaning checklist is cleaning your drains. Below are three reasons cleaning your drains is important for your plumbing system so you will be sure to get this done each year.

Prevent Clogged Plumbing Pipes

Clogged plumbing pipes can be frustrating especially if the clogs keep coming back. Cleaning your drains can take care of this problem for you and prevent future clogs from happening. This is because drain cleaning removes built up waste that gets inside plumbing pipes. This waste can build up enough to make the interior pipe much smaller, which results in clogs happening much easier.

If you already have a clog you will notice water drains slowly out of your bathroom and kitchen sink. If you have a septic tank on your property you may notice a sewer smell coming from your sink if there is a clog.

Prevent Plumbing Pipe Damage

If you have a clogged drain this can also cause plumbing pipe damage. This is because the plumbing pipes will become corroded much quicker than normal. Once you have pipe damage the pipes will start to leak. The leak may be small at first that you would not even notice it until the leak become much worse. By this time, water could have likely already caused a lot of damage to your home.

This could result in very expensive repairs. The plumber may also have to make holes in the floor or wall to gain access to the damaged plumbing pipes.

Remove Bacteria

Along with waste bacteria can also build up inside plumbing pipes. When this happens, this can cause health problems with you and your entire family. If the bacteria become very bad it could get into the soil outside your home. If this happens, your drinking water can become contaminated.

If you have a back up of water in your bathroom due to sewage this can cause a lot of contamination on all surfaces the sewage touches. The contamination can be so bad that it would require extensive cleaning to get all bacteria out of the room. You would also have to use strong chemicals to kill bacteria, such as bleach.

Contact your plumber to come to your home to clean your drains. The plumber can give you tips while they are there about how to keep your drains clean. To learn more, contact companies like Two Men And A Snake.